Abba’s Child

I recently finished a book called Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning. The message that lingered with me afterwards was simply this: Come to Jesus. The author described the responses of Christ’s followers to His presence—they weren’t afraid of Jesus. Even after making huge blunders and grave mistakes, their response was always to run towards Jesus. One statement later in the book that struck me was this: “The release from chronic egocentricity starts with letting Christ love them where they are.” That really struck a chord with me—such a solid reminder to me of Christ’s call to just come to Him as I am, instead of fruitlessly trying to make myself perfect before just being honest and running home.

And this is the message I believe the Well preaches, the attitude it offers towards those who don’t know Christ and towards struggling believers. Just come home. Come to Jesus. And come as you are. When I first came to the Well, I was hardcore struggling with sin. But I didn’t feel rejected. And when I shared my struggle with believers at the Well, I wasn’t met with condemnation, but instead with grace, truth and an offer of continual support, accountability and encouragement, or in one word: hope. Hope through Jesus as demonstrated by His family at the Well. We want you to come too. Just come to Jesus. And just come as you are, don’t wait to be perfect, don’t keep hiding, don’t keep faking it. Come to Him and be free.


-Abba’s Child. Brennan Manning. Pp128-129, 156

-The Awesome Spin Instructor

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