The Church is in Desperate Need of Workers

“And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good, and also of hewords that the king had spoken to me. And they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’” – Nehemiah 2:18

When a man named Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem for the people of God he didn’t do it alone. “Hey Eliashib, you and your brothers take the Sheep Gate. Oh, and sons of Hassenaah? You got the Fish Gate? Awesome. Okay, that leaves the wall of the Pool of Shelah of the king’s garden. Oh, man! How could I forget about the horse gate? . . . man, this wall rebuilding thing is tough!” It’s true, that’s what Nehemiah said. Okay, I’m not sure about those specifics, but I know the list of what was broken and needed fixing was obnoxiously long. And it wasn’t a cute little stone wall that kept the bunnies from eating their vegetables. A quick google search tells me the wall was about 2.5 miles long, 40 ft high, and 8 feet thick. If you can’t visualize it trust me when I say that is huge! Oh yeah, and they came under attack while building. The overwhelmingly daunting task of finishing this behemoth of a wall while simultaneously fighting off enemies (some labored with one hand with a weapon in the other) required God’s sovereign provision and all hands on deck working tirelessly and sacrificially.

Their task was not all that different than the task of today’s church. Think about it. Why were they rebuilding the wall? To provide a gathering place for the people of God to worship him and make his name known to the world. With the Israelites in exile, they could not return to their city to worship while it was constantly vulnerable to attack on all sides with no wall of protection. Today, the people whom God has ordained to make his name known in the world has been replaced by the Church, those who have received God’s provision of salvation through Jesus Christ, and we too are gathering worshippers to further spread the glory of his name. Just as the Israelites restored broken pieces of wall to their original intended purpose of worship, Christians restore broken people through the grace of Jesus Christ to their original created purpose of worship. And this task takes no less work than rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. We are even under constant attack by the forces of the Enemy who hates God’s church and hates to see the good news of Jesus planted in a city. This necessary work takes many forms, from the spiritual to the material, and workers are in desperate need.

While the church is the people and not a building, those people need a gathering place where they can come together and properly orient their hearts and minds towards their original created purpose of lifting up the name of their creator above every other name. At the Well Community Church, workers are particularly needed toward that aim of transforming an obscure, broken down building into a place where the church can worship and gather new worshippers. They’re needed at every “gate” and section of wall. The parking team provides a stress free parking experience to one who may have a mind filled with the worries of this world. The door greeters provide a smile to someone who may not feel valued otherwise. The setup crew actually physically prepares the space, transforming it into a place where regulars and newcomers alike can feel comfortable and properly oriented in heart and mind. The kids ministry team speaks God’s truth to the little ones while their parents can hear it too, free from distraction. The coffee and hospitality team adds that special welcoming feeling to a potential new worshipper. Musicians lead the people in singing joyfully to the God of the universe who is worthy to be sung to. The media team provides proper sound and visuals to allow the people to join in singing, and they assist the pastor in the effective delivery of God’s word to the people.

All of these “wall sections” need your help! Come and experience the joy of serving at the Well Community Church on Sunday mornings.

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